Professionals in Transition

Coaching changes your game fast! If you would like to ramp up your transition results - generate faster and better quality contacts, leads and offers - you’ve come to the right place. Following the practices we show you is guaranteed to noticeably improve your performance in a week and a half! Bring your passion to bear on your needs and dreams. We’re here to help.

Career Decision Makers

Professionals who are not clear about your desired work, level, or best fit, you too will benefit from a coaching approach. You are not alone in your sense of uncertainty. This frequently happens with talented people who have always been invited to apply for jobs before and now find themselves “on the market.”

Here’s what one meeting can mean for you:

Dear Sue,

Your counsel and active listening, sitting with me as well as advising me in how to honor the abrupt loss of my career, was by far the most steadying and meaningful experience in the early part of this trauma.  Our time together was significant in helping me gather my thoughts about moving forward.  I’m so grateful. 

- E.E. Health and Human Services

You can read examples of coaching successes HERE, HERE, and HERE

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