The Job Search Center is a collection of personal career coaching services and workshops designed to accelerate professional career transition or progress. Located in the bustling MidTown Tech Hive at 6815 Euclid Ave. in Cleveland, it offers resources, inspiration, and encouragement tailored to specific individual situations. Free parking is available. For larger events, you may be asked to park in the JumpStart lot shown in the lower half of this image. (Handicap accessible parking is available. ) Questions? Just ask.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: See Important Note Below.


Note Opportunity Corridor: Starting May 29, 2019, Opportunity Corridor construction will close I-490 between I-77 and E. 55th Street for two years. If you are coming from the West or South, take the Innerbelt to Chester Ave., turn right and drive just a few blocks east to East 69th Street. Turn right. The parking lot will be on your right. It’s the only parking lot. Tech Hive is straight ahead.