Action Accountability Group (Mastermind)

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Action Accountability Group (Mastermind)

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Mastermind Group - Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30 pm $10/week after your first session.* (There is a pre-requisite.)

Land your dream work faster! Mastermind Groups have been accelerating results for decades. They strengthen you and increase your reach into the community, plus bring you in touch with new ideas and resources targeted to your specific needs in this exact moment.

1 hour weekly meetings are structured this way:

  • 30 second check-in

  • 5-10 minutes per person to

    • give update on activities

    • state new problem/obstacles

    • hear the group’s suggestions.

    • state next week’s plan.

Your first meeting is free so you can try it out . When it’s your turn, you’ll focus on goal setting so the group knows more about what you need and you’re ready for action accountability at your next session. We aim to move quickly!

*Pre-requisite: Please sign up for the ORIENTATION before signing up for a Mastermind group. This is so you will have the tools you need to conduct your search, support your teammates, and be accountable.

Register for your first session at the Orientation or by email at Contact Us.

The focus of the Mastermind is movement in your search - doing the activities you commit to doing and seeing changes in outcomes. Any tools or advice you need to enhance your search practices will be provided at no additional charge.

Each person will have 5 – 10 minutes depending on the number of attendees. The point of this time constraint is to pick up your pace, so you train your focus on the most essential tasks for successfully concluding your search and getting a job you truly desire. You’ll want to prepare a bit ahead of time and use part of your time for explaining your situation/request and part of your time for hearing what your team members have to offer you.

 The group will brainstorm with you about resources, offer you contacts and leads as they are able and give you a place to be accountable for your commitments.   

Mastermind Groups have been proven to hasten outcomes. A limit of 8 people will allow just enough time for all participants and keep the pace. And, you make important friends. I know of one group that stayed together, adding to each other’s careers for over 10 years!  Google “Power of Master Mind groups” for testimonials!

The investment is only $10 per week with a minimum of 5 people necessary for any group. While we are using Meet Up notices to help recruit people, the commitment is for a month at a time - $40, payable by the first meeting of the month, cash or online. If there is a 5th Wednesday, there will be an additional $10.   

Because this price is set just to cover expenses, the credit card fee is added to the online price.


Please EMAIL ME to sign up for the waiting list. I will contact you to join a group in the order I receive interest.

All sessions are held at Tech Hive.

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