For 20 years, and over 3,800 clients, Sue Nelson has coached job seekers in industry; non-profits and the arts; professional, human and financial services; transportation; hospitality; publishing; retail; technology; and government and civic organizations. Sue’s career began in the Career Services Center at Cleveland State University, where she worked with human services majors and business school graduates, preparing them to find their best job upon graduating.

One-on-one coaching became an important part of her role in several outplacement firms such as Drake Beam Morin and Reserves Network. Other clients she has consulted with are The Cleveland Museum of Art; Ford Motor Company Assembly Plants and Walton Hills Stamping Plant; Cleveland Metropolitan Schools; Voices and Choices and Sustainable Cleveland 2019; Global Cleveland; Summit County Children’s Services; and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Sue will help you to remove obstacles from your path to employment. No situation is too dire. Let’s talk. Your first consultation is free!

What clients say…

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness have restored my confidence in my ability to reenter the full-time job market.” — C.M.

 “Because she is effective at helping leaders understand why they should change, they are usually quicker to make the change. Her insights were invaluable in getting past the ‘nuts and bolts’ of behaviors and helping leaders arrive at those paradigm-shifting experiences.” — H.M.

 “The comments you gave me made me feel hopeful that the right opportunity for me exists.” — L.J.

“I’m so thankful for you. You gave me a sense of purpose and hope.” — M.H.

 “Sue brings her whole being into the project, and her experience, creativity, energy, and humor stimulate you to accomplish more than you could ever achieve alone.”

 “She loves us! Why don’t we try what she says?” — S.B.