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Sue Nelson, Founding Director

Sue Nelson, Founding Director

Sue Nelson

Founding Director

Sue Nelson founded The Job Search Center so that job seekers would have a place to go, meet other people, receive encouragement, remember their best selves, connect with employers who need them, and secure the job of their dreams.

For over 20 years, Sue Nelson has worked with professionals who want to make changes in their work lives, observing and codifying what makes transitions shorter and job searching more effective. From working with almost 4,000 clients, she has developed an approach that stresses the importance of building relationships so that job seekers are known, liked and trusted - and receive offers.

Her focus now is on mid-life transitions

In middle age and mid or late career, job changes don’t happen in vacuums. There is a set of interests that need to be addressed as part of the transition: children, college expenses, gaps in employment, aging parents, aging selves, health concerns, regrets about the past, concerns about future planning, and more.

This year, late 2019, she started writing a book to share the practices that are most effective, and was invited to develop a video library on the full range of topics that she’s learned over the past decades. The stories are fabulous and motivating. Watch for them to be posted on this site in late fall 2019!

About writing a book:

It’s not learning a new language. It’s learning a new science! I don’t even know what questions to ask! Fortunately, as so often happens in Cleveland, there are loads of smart, generous and encouraging people to coach and teach me.

Sue will help you to remove obstacles from your path to employment. No situation is too dire. Let’s talk. Your first coaching consultation is free!

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Chief Networking Officer