Sue Nelson, Founding Director

Sue Nelson, Founding Director

Who We Are

The Job Search Center

Sue Nelson founded The Job Search Center based on the principle that all job seekers are needed and welcome in the community. They just don’t know how to connect, don’t believe their gifts and talents are wanted, or there are some obstacles in the way that can be resolved.

She has over 20 years of experience with almost 4,000 job seekers. The approach she uses stresses the importance of building relationships so that job seekers leave a warm and memorable impression. Even online applications can be an asset in relationship building. We will show you how.

Sue is known for her practical and insightful tools and step by step processes that lead to changes in results almost immediately.  Her programs cover the gamut of typical tools and techniques – resumes, cover letters, interviewing – as well as more off-the-beaten-path topics such as conversations in job searching as spiritual path, what to do with resentment and regret in transition, and recovery principles in transition.  

Thousands of job seekers have found the combination of industry- standard and personal, practical, task-oriented programs to be profound help and encouragement. For 20 years, Sue Nelson has coached job seekers in industry; non-profits and the arts; professional, human and financial services; transportation; hospitality; publishing; retail; technology; and government and civic organizations.

Sue’s career began in the Career Services Center at Cleveland State University. It quickly became clear that her sweet spot was with working with mid-career professionals and she was chosen to be the first Program Director at the Career Initiatives Center.

Private coaching has been an important part of her role in addition to workshop development and delivery. She has worked with clients from several wonderful outplacement firms such as Drake Beam Morin, Resource Careers and Reserves Network. Other clients she has consulted with are The Cleveland Museum of Art; Ford Motor Company Assembly Plants and Walton Hills Stamping Plant; Cleveland Metropolitan Schools; Voices and Choices and Sustainable Cleveland 2019; Global Cleveland; Summit County Children’s Services; and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Sue will help you to remove obstacles from your path to employment. No situation is too dire. Let’s talk. Your first coaching consultation is free!

What clients say…

Your counsel and active listening, sitting with me as well as advising me in how to honor the abrupt loss of my career, was by far the most steadying and meaningful experience in the early part of this trauma.  Our time together was significant in helping me gather my thoughts about moving forward.  I’m so grateful.  - E. E. Health Services

“Your kindness and thoughtfulness have restored my confidence in my ability to reenter the full-time job market.” — C.M.

 “Your Cover Letter Outline brought in more requests for interviews, and I got the job I wanted. As a thank you, here are some of my letters to use as examples.” -J.F., Manufacturing Manager

“Because she is effective at helping leaders understand why they should change, they are usually quicker to make the change. Her insights were invaluable in getting past the ‘nuts and bolts’ of behaviors and helping leaders arrive at those paradigm-shifting experiences.” — H.M., HR/OD Manufacturing

 “The comments you gave me made me feel hopeful that the right opportunity for me exists.” — L.J., Home furnishings design and sales

“I’m so thankful for you. You gave me a sense of purpose and hope.” — M.H., Office Manager

 “Sue brings her whole being into the project, and her experience, creativity, energy, and humor stimulate you to accomplish more than you could ever achieve alone.” - S.J.M., MBA, Financial Executive, Non-profit

 “She loves us! Why don’t we try what she says?” — S.B., Area Manager, Manufacturing