I Will Work For Food - Guest Blogger Matt Bud

I’m sure some of you have been seriously considered for jobs that paid less than you were previously earning. As an experienced sailor would tell you: any port in a storm.

Unfortunately, there is always a bit of disbelief coming from across the table that ANYONE would work for less than they earned before and not bolt for the door once the economy picks up. My own experience has been that this is not what financial folks do. However, telling someone you will work for food, is probably taking their employment offer a little too far.

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You Don’t Have to Sell Yourself: How to Use a Networking Profile

To get a good job, you do not have to sell yourself.  Needs-meeting is what you are after – yours and others.’ You are offering to help those you meet support their own and others’ needs getting met.  A Profile is a tool to a) help you think through what you want to do, what you’re best at, b) see the value of it, c) work out how to communicate it and d) help others see the value and help you communicate it to others beyond the conversation you are in. When you are available to be found to fill certain needs, you can be offered the job of your dreams.

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