Do you feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? Instead, Be the Needle!

The goal of a job search is to be the first choice in a hiring manager’s decision.


You also want that hiring manager to be in an industry, organization and culture that you want to be in, with enough resources to provide for your personal and professional needs.


We often forget that employers are looking for talent, just as we are looking for job leads. The hiring manager has the will, opportunity, motivation, inspiration and resources to hire someone. Now they have to find “the one.”  How do they know their best new employee when they find them? The ideal candidate will sound like what they are looking for. They will use words and patterns that resonate with the people they’re interacting with in the company. 


How do you know if you sound like the person your best employer is seeking? You will hear others in their company and circles talking and you like the sound of what they’re saying and how they’re saying it.   You like their values, their listening and decision making styles.  You like the way they plan to pursue a relationship and you like the sound of your own voice when you’re participating in conversations with them.


In the I Got the Job! Success System, we focus everything we do – resumes, networking, everything - on a) sounding like your best self in your career and b) being found.  This is your most employable self. 


AND we develop ways for you to do that easily, without hesitation or resistance, and not in a way that sounds like me, but sounds like YOU. 


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We’re here to help. Please fill out the contact form, or email me, to let me know your needs and to discuss how I can help you achieve your job hiring goal, better, faster and more respectfully of who you are. 

Sue Nelson has worked in Career Coaching for over 20 years.  More than 3800 clients have improved their job search speed and outcomes with her unique, whole-system insights about how jobs are obtained, the obstacles job seekers face to obtaining them, and the step-by-step, word-by word practices, tools and templates she creates, sometimes right on the spot, just for you! 


“I love the creativity of job search coaching. Every candidate brings a unique personality and package of skills so I’m constantly challenged to find just the right tools and inspiration for them.