The Difference Between Introverted and Shy

We get lots of comments from job seekers who say they are introverted and feel that they are disadvantaged in 21st Century job searching with its heavy reliance on networking.  I’ve even heard this from people who sure seemed like amazing extroverts up until they lost their jobs.

The way to be found by an amazing employer[1] whom you really click with is to be known, liked and trusted by people the said amazing employer knows, likes and trusts. 

 An introvert will get out there starting with friends and meet with people one-on-one, engage in in-depth conversations and come away with insights and referrals. Sometimes introverts need a few skills to help them get connected with people they don’t know yet. We have strategies for that.

Shy people worry about how they are seen, hole up and hang out online.  Shyness needs methods,  inspiration and insight to get you past it.  Don’t worry if you can’t see that it’s even possible – let alone likely. We can help. 

 The Job Search Center has a few options for you.

1.      A Networking Workshop coming up next week, June 25th.

2.      A Master Mind group that will give you support and practice connecting

3.      Private coaching that will directly address your obstacles for maximum acceleration of your search process.

None of these require attending group networking events.

All of these, especially coaching, are an investment in your entire career and life, not just your job search. Consider that it takes a village to communicate to The Amazing Employer that you are available for a great new role with the employer of your dreams. You can have this!

BTW, extroverts may be talking to too many people and not honing in on the moments that have meaning. Structure in this case will help.  Check out the options above to accelerate your search, too.


[1] You remember you need to be found by an employer, right? They are the ones with the opening, salary and problems they are looking to be solved.  They are looking for their right fit. You are sharing your availability for that opening, salary and problem-solving throughout the community of people who can connect you and the employer.