What can you actually do at a networking event to make it more valuable? - Guest Blogger Jeff Hexter

After everyone at a networking event is done giving their message, you may have heard 20+ commercials, and it would challenging to recall who does what or would benefit from an introduction to whomever. So, collecting some basic information and thoughts about each person you encounter will help you become a better networker.

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Groups, Activities and Spaces for Professionals with an Entrepreneurial Mind

There is so much overlap between people looking for work (full time or projects) and people looking for customers or contacts to enlarge their field. In case you, dear seeker, are thinking about potentially opening a new business or looking for ways to expand your ideas, here is my list of ideas for finding resources, time, places or things you need to get started. 

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I Will Work For Food - Guest Blogger Matt Bud

I’m sure some of you have been seriously considered for jobs that paid less than you were previously earning. As an experienced sailor would tell you: any port in a storm.

Unfortunately, there is always a bit of disbelief coming from across the table that ANYONE would work for less than they earned before and not bolt for the door once the economy picks up. My own experience has been that this is not what financial folks do. However, telling someone you will work for food, is probably taking their employment offer a little too far.

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